Thursday, December 29, 2005

X-Box 360 crashing out of control?

I'm not exactly sure if this is the truth or not, or just rumors and what not, but I'm hearing that the reason so many gamers are having problems with their X-Box 360's, with crashes, heating problems, etc, is simply because either their X-Box 360 is on carpet, and not on solid surface, like it should be, or their moving the X-Box 360 around(Putting the X-Box 360 on it's stand and what not, etc) while the X-Box 360 is running.

So, here's a lesson for ya... ONLY leave you're X-Box 360 running on a solid surface and DO NOT move you're 360 around while being ran.

The X-Box 360!!!!!

Well... I finally got my X-Box 360 and the way I got the 360 is pretty interesting to say the least.. and lucky, too. I never even thought this would happen either, at least not until sometime next year.

Let me tell you a story... it all happened on the way home from work at 2:30pm on Christmas Eve.

I was driving home and had to stop at a local grocery store. I went on in and was looking around, then all of the sudden, my cell phone went off and it was my dad. He goes on and says that someone from GameStop called regarding the X-Box 360 and that when I get home, I should give them a call. So, I bought what I needed and then headed home.

When I got home, I gave GameStop a call at 3pm. Someone from GameStop answered and I said, "Hi. My dad said you guys called regarding the X-Box 360" and his reply was, "Yes... we did get one extra X-Box 360 in. But the situation is this, you're pre-order 23 and someone else is pre-order 22. The person that is pre-order 22 is basically next in line to get an X-Box 360, BUT, we can't get a hold of him/her. What I will do though, since you're a loyal GameStop customer, is let the pre-order 22 customer have until 5pm to call us back or stop by to get his/her X-Box 360, and if he/she doesn't call back or stop in by 5pm, then we'll give ya a call and you can get the X-Box 360." Then I was like, "YOU SERIOUS?!?!? Awesome, I'll be looking forward to you're call. Thanks a lot!" And we both hang up.

So, then the wait was on. It was 3pm and two hours a way. So, anyways, to speed the story up... it's now 5:00pm and no call yet. 5:02 and no call yet, so in anticipation, I made the call instead. GameStop guy answers and I say, "Hey... so, did he/she call about the X-Box 360 yet?" and his reply was, "I was actually about to call you... and nope, never called so you can come down and pick up you're X-Box 360!" And I was like, "NO freaking way! Alright, I'm coming down now! Thanks a lot, totally appreciate it!", and his response was, "Okay, it'll be here when you get here and np!"

So, I went on down to my local GameStop and got my X-Box 360, FINALLY! And that's it.

So, let me ask you, was this all mere coincidental and total luck, or fate? Or perhaps, a little bit of both?

Also, I will admit this though, it does suck for the person who should've got the X-Box 360 on Christmas Eve, but the person must've been out of town or something and never got the call. Sorry, whoever you are... but anyone in my position would have easily done the same... even the person that was pre-order 22. The person should've however already recieved his X-Box 360 this week, since he was obviously the first in line then to get an X-Box 360, and I'm sure GameStop would've gotten at least one extra X-Box 360 by now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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