Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ScribeFire - Blog Editor Addon for Firefox

So I was searching for addons on the Firefox website today to see which ones are cool and which ones aren't, then I came upon this Blog Editor addon. It looked pretty appealing so I went ahead and installed it.

I have to say that ScribeFire is easily one of(if not the) best Firefox addon I have ever encountered.

What this nifty addon does is it allows you to literally post to your blog without ever having to sign into your blog, leave Firefox, etc. Posting to your blog couldn't have been any easier.

As I type this, I'm using ScribeFire. It's so quick and easy I don't think I'll use the Blogger.com website ever again.

You can even open up ScribeFire in Split-Screen mode, meaning it attaches itself to the bottom of the screen(see image below, click for full size), Window mode and in a New tab mode.

There's so many different things you can do using ScribeFire. One of them being, the ability to drag any image straight to the Edit window, resize it, etc. Another really cool feature is YouTube integration. You click the YouTube icon next to the Font Color button and a new window opens up. You then search for any video you would like to add, click the OK button and bam, the video gets inserted into the post. There's a Flickr integrator as well, which basically does the same thing. The downside on both of these(some-what of a downside) is it won't allow you to move the videos/images around the post.

However, if you drag an image from somewhere, you are able to put it anywhere.

And best of all, you can edit old entries, as well. Isn't that awesome? Not only that though, ScribeFire supports multiple accounts so you can post to one blog, then switch over and post to another one, just as easy as that.

Like I said, one of the greatest addons I have ever seen/used.

That's about it. There's other cool features, but you'll have to try ScribeFire out for yourself to get the full experience. Install it NOW!