Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been busy...

Hey all... I've been pretty busy these past few months... that explains why I haven't updated this blog with anything new since Apr. 1. First of all, I got a new job (as most already know) and my computer's been down(I'm using my laptop which is very, very, very, very slow). This Saturday, I'm finally upgrading my computer which I've been wanting to do for the past two years but couldn't afford it... until now.

I finally took the time to change my blog's layout to something a little better. Once I upgrade my computer, I'm going to see about creating a brand new layout, something video game like and logo with Photoshop. But for now, I think the layout(with no graphics, just colors) is okay for now.

Anyways, check back for more updates and what not, and the new look in the coming weeks.