Saturday, July 21, 2007

Custom Player brought to you by YOUTUBE!

A new YouTube update allows you to create a custom player, with different themes, layouts, etc. You can even embed it into a website/blog, etc like below:

Pretty cool, eh? But the first thing I noticed though was the quality of the video. However, since I adjusted the width/height* of the player, the quality is obviously fine, but with the bigger version of the player, the quality is not that great. In any case, most videos out there, or some, were recorded at higher resolutions making them far better quality then other videos, so those should look fine in the bigger version of the player.

I wonder what other surprises or updates YouTube will be bringing us. I guess we'll all have to wait and find out. :)

Oh yeah, and the best part is that you only have to generate the code once in the "New Custom Player" screen, so that whenever you add a new video to your favorites, it'll automatically update your embed player on your blog.

*Note: I had to adjust the width/height of the custom player, because it was too large to fit my blog, half of it would have disappeared behind the content on the right-hand side, but you get the point.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Moe's Tavern Mug -- WOOHOO!

I went to Las Vegas with family a few days ago(Tues-Thur) and one of those days I went to a mall across from the Bellagio(which is the hotel we stayed at) and the mall is appropriately named the Miracle Mile shopping mall, since it's literally a mile long in length with lots and lots and lots of stores to shop at.

Anyways, while we were looking for a place to eat at, I seen this cart full of stuff to buy, and found this awesome talking mug. The Moe's Tavern talking mug. I knew I had to get it so I got it for a great price tag of $9.99. Might be cheap, but it looks really durable and plus, it talks!

Here's a pic of it:

Now the question is this, should I use it for drinks or just display it on my shelf for everyone who enters my room to see it in all it's Simpsons glory? Not sure. I should have got two of them, one for display and one for DUFF BABY! Oh well, maybe when I visit Las Vegas again in Nov, I'll get another one if there are more available.

Oh yeah, here's the sound clip(in video form) of what it says: