Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brushing the dust off...

Yes, I know. There hasn't been much stuff going on around here as of late. Reason being is I've been working a lot lately and haven't found the time... that's half of it and the other half is I've been lazy I guess(poor excuse I know).

Anyways, just a small update.. I think I'm going to change the layout, or make a logo(or use a logo a friend made for me a long time ago) soon. Something that will stand out and look good. When I find the time.

In closing, here's a video of Veronica Belmont(Host of Mahalo Daily), Jonathan Coulton(who was the mastermind behind Portal's ending song "Still Alive", Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann all performing the new Rock Band DLC (coming soon) "Still Alive". Enjoy!

And for something totally related, I finally got my Aperture Laboratories Coffee Mug(been waiting for them to get more in stock since Dec. 2007):

It's quite the coffee mug. It's pretty strong, heavy and looks really awesome. HUGE SUCCESS!