Saturday, October 11, 2008 Launches New Homepage Design

On October 10, launched a new homepage design with a few noticeable and enticing features, not to mention very helpful. The new homepage looks sleeker and more professional/organized than ever before.

One feature that definitely stands out from the rest, is the Liveblog on the right-hand side of the front page. This "news ticker" feature will be updated live by Mahalo "Guides" 24/7(or close to it) with interesting and breaking news coverage, fun, strange and wacky tidbits and more.

Also, if you click on "Continue Reading..." at the bottom of the liveblog, you'll be redirected to another page with a listing of all the news in the last several hours, along with ustream(for chatting and broadcasting live) and freenode channel to chat about the current news.

Okay, so here's a Before and After comparison, what do you think?

Before the new homepage launch:

After the new homepage launch:

Better, yes? Yeah, I think so.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Google 2001

Little late to the party I know... but Google recently(few days ago) brought back their search index from 2001 with over a billion(only? lol) pages served. They said that they would have chose their 1998 search index, but due to technical complications, they couldn't. Oh well.. still pretty damn cool that they did this. The Google 2001 website will be up for just in the month of October then that's it. This is in celebration of their 10th birthday. Who knows, maybe they'll bring back their 1998 search when they turn 20.

What were you doing when Google first launched?